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I'm Duane. The owner of Pet Sitter Pinellas. I'm a retired gym owner where I was a therapist, trainer, coach, and nutritionist to thousands of clients in the Tampa Bay area. After selling my successful fitness business, I wanted to do something different and again something that I love. I enjoy walking area parks with my dogs, I love animals, and I love helping people. That lead me to creating my pet sitting business. While I had my fitness business many times my clients would go out of town and ask me to care for their home and pets while they were away and I'd always graciously accept.  I live in Palm Harbor and have been a local resident for over 16 years.  I love the area! I visit the area parks almost daily. My other passion is healthy cooking. I love to cook healthy foods for my family and friends and of course for myself and my Min Pin "Sunny".

Whether you're at work or leaving on vacation you can relax. Your home and pets will be in the best hands possible. We will care for your home and pets as if they were our own.

My dogs getting exercise skateboarding on the Pinellas Trail

Dunedin Bike Trail. Bj and Sunny training a Pomeranian pup how to become one as a pack and how to pull me on the skateboard. The Pom learned quickly.